The Project

Our believe as Christians may not be complete except we work in line with James 1:27, which says: “pure religion and undefiled before God and the father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world” (KJV). With passion and sympathy for the parentless children and widows in our society,

“pure religion and undefiled before God and the father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” 

and the desire to rescue the situation, a man touched by God and moved by divine mercy have been empowered to beckon on the good people of our time to build the hopes of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), street children, women, widows, youths, less privileged, the destitute, rural dwellers and people living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria and Africa at large.


Building Hopes!


Sound interpersonal relations, dynamism, prudence and integrity.

Our Arrival

Here comes Divine Benevolent Care Organization (DBCO). DBCO runs a sizeable orphanage in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria where orphans and vulnerable children are sheltered. Divine Benevolent Care Organization, as part of her thematic focus, provides health and nutrition, capacity building, skills development, education, shelter, household economic strengthening, (HES), protection, community development, water, sanitation and hygiene to here target population.

Our Direction

Our aims and objectives are; to be deeply involved in mercy missions by way of providing the basic needs of life to our target groups, to build a city which shall be called “HOPE CITY” (an estate) where orphans and vulnerable children will be sheltered and where the destitute and less privileged shall be trained and rehabilitated in various skills and crafts (including women, widows and youths), establish a missionary school (toddler, pre-nursery, nursery, basic 1-9, and Senior Secondary) within the HOPE CITY where schooling for orphans and vulnerable children, the less privileged in our society, and the general public shall attend with a meager or no fees, build a medical facility within the hope city to attend to the health needs of our target population in the city at little or no cost.

To actualize the HOPE CITY PROJECT, the cost estimate is as below:

Land Acquisition:

In pursuit of achieving our dream of this project and in consideration of the facilities and other infrastructure that will be put in place as stated below, an estimation of 50 plots of land is required. The land which we intend to acquire with the heart of the new Greater Port Harcourt City will cost the organization two hundred and fifty million naira (N250,000,000) to acquire.

School Blocks

One of the cardinal aims of this project is to promote and provide free quality and accessible education to orphans and vulnerable children, street children, the destitute and less privileged across Nigeria and Africa at large. Considering the available meager resources and the rising cost of tuition fees, the DBCO considered it necessary to ensure that a model nursery/primary and secondary school blocks are built for the establishment of an organizationally managed school in the hope city. The school blocks, laboratories, school offices, including furniture, fixtures and fittings and installations; the project cost is put at five hundred and ninety-five million naira (N595,000,000).

Health Center

Health, they say, is wealth. Divine Benevolent Care organization hold the health of beneficiaries in high esteem and as thus, considered the establishment of a health facility which shall render free medical services to the very poor, destitute, orphans and widows. The health facility will also serve the neighborhood where the hope city is located which presently lacks a standard health facility proxy to the people. The cost of building and furnishing and acquisition/installation of equipments of this project is put at one billion, two hundred million naira (N1,200,000,000).

Recreational/craft center

The recreational/craft center of the Hope City is a place where vulnerable children, street children, youths, women, widows and other vulnerable persons, especially the girl child who has attained the age of 18 and above, shall be taught how to gain livelihood without over dependence on the organization. The organization shall employ pro bono services of public spirited individuals and institutions to use the center for training in all forms of craft making; tailoring, welding and fabrication, hair dressing, electronics repairs, farming training, etc. Through this, the people trained will be empowered to become self-reliant and be able to fend for themselves and their children in the case of widows. The cost of building and furnishing the center, including acquisition of tools and equipment is put at an estimate of about ninety-five million naira (N95, 000,000).

Event Center

An event center is to be built in the hope city to create a venue for all its numerous activities including trainings, workshops, seminars, and annual end of year party and conferences. Not-for-profit making organizations in our part of the world face the challenge of hosting both local and international conferences, majorly in most cases, due to the high cost of hiring a suitable and comfortable event center which is very expensive. With the building of this event center, such programmes that benefit the poor and the less privilege organized by not-for-profit making organizations can be hosted at no cost and such funds will be channeled by the organizations involved into other meaningful ventures for the benefit of mankind.

The cost of building and furnishing this center is put at one hundred and twenty-two million naira (N122,000,000).

Fire Service Center

The organization in building the Hope City is not unaware of the need to ensure the safety of the properties put in place in the city and thus to protect the city from devastations that could arise in the event of a fire accident. A fire service center to serve the city and its immediate communities in case of fire accidents is to be built in the city. The cost of this fire service center, including the acquisition of two fire-fighting water tankers is put at sixty-eight million naira (N68,000,000).

Power Plant
To address the problem of incessant power outage which is a major challenge to both public and non-public organizations in Nigeria, the organization intend to acquire a 3 brand new power plants (Mikano generators) for use in the hope city, the cost of which is estimated to be twenty-eight million naira (N28,000,000), including the cost of installation. This is most necessary as the power supply situation in the country cannot be relied upon.

Power Transformers

To address the need of power supply in the hope city, the organization intend to acquire a brand new 500KVA electricity transformer for use in the hope city, the cost of which is estimated to be thirty-eight million naira (N38,000,000) including the cost of installation.

Water Plant

For the fact that there is no public water supply system for the Greater Port Harcourt City for now as development works are still on and even where that is put in place, public infrastructures in Nigeria cannot be relied upon, the organization believe only an in-house water plant can solve the water needs of this city, considering the infrastructures in place. The Water plant is very important and will cost the organization an estimate of forty-eight million naira (N48,000,000) to be put in place.
Internal Road Network/Drainage

The Hope City project will not be complete if there is no internal road network and drainage to prevent flooding and make access to the facilities possible. We intend to construct good internal road and drainage in the city at an estimated cost of eight hundred million naira (N800,000,000).


The Hope City will have a canteen where all trainees, staff and visitors may approach and eat free meals on daily basis. The cost of construction work and furnishing of this public welfare center is expected to cost the organization nineteen million naira (N19,000,000).

Fencing and Security Centre

In this part of the world, Nigeria in particular, security of lives and property is a huge challenge. To secure the lives and property of the hope city, proper fencing and large security post is very necessary. The total cost of build fence around a fifty plots of land and a large security apartment is put at eleven million five hundred thousand naira (N11,500,000).

Total Cost of Building the Hope City

The total estimated cost of building the Hope City estate is four billion, seven hundred and fifty-three million, five hundred thousand naira only (N4,753,500,000).
We trust that with God, all things are possible, and we count on your support to make this project a dream come through.


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